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Futuristic Fine Jewelry Brand | Gorestkiy Jewelry

A remarkable jewellery brand, Goretskiy is well-known for top quality and striking designs. Until recently, this exclusive jewellery was only available to a narrow circle of dedicated collectors, but the brand is now entering a wider market. Each bespoke piece of jewellery is a product of the creator’s personal philosophy and sophisticated taste.

Experts note that “Goretskiy jewellery is like Tiffany and Cartier in terms of quality, whilst featuring revolutionary designs”.

This maker Goretskiy jewellery an excellent alternative to plain classics. Unusual, remarkable designs are relatable for modern consumers.

The pieces are manufactured from the highest quality supplies: gold, precious stones and other unusual materials that truly transform in jewellers’ hands.

Every piece of jewellery is interlaced with meaning and carries deep symbolism. In a sense, this jewellery is a product of global trends and technological innovations. Alexander Goretskiy creates the design sketches all over the world, including Los-Angeles, Mexico and Thailand; the creations are brought to life in Barcelona.

The final creations are true jewellery masterpieces, full of meaning and crafted with respect to ancient techniques, enhanced and improved by modern technological advancements.