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The history of ‘Goretskiy Jewellery’

August 11, 2021 0 Comments

The history of ‘Goretskiy Jewellery’

How did the story of the ‘Goretskiy Jewellery’ start?  What was the background of the company producing such extraordinary and symbolic jewellery pieces? It all started with the scratch and grew into a big success. 


Alexander Goretskiy began his way in jewellery making with drawing the designs of jewellery pieces for other companies. Later they worked on them and manufactured under their own names. 

But as time passed, Ihebegan feeling unsatisfied with making exclusively drawings, and had a desire to bring his own designs to life.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have an experience of working with precious stones and metals, so as far as he came to Barcelona from Los Angeles, he started studying in a jewellery school where Spanish masters were teaching him the basics of Jewellery making.


“The first jewellery pieces I created in Barcelona were attracting attention and curiosity of many people. That’s why I felt motivated to create my own unique, outstanding and stylish items”


Technologies taught in jewellery schools nowadays are very outdated as they have been used for centuries and never changed.

So, in order to keep up to date and produce modern high quality items, it’s necessary to use innovative technologies. To get this knowledge, Alexander was visiting many exhibitions, communicating with technical factories using advanced equipment and researching. And after that he started using it in his work.  

When the first Aqua collection was created, the products turned out to be wonderful, stylish, eye-catching and high-quality. But we understood that to demonstrate the products properly, we would need professional exposition equipment. Show cases, boxes, lighting coasters, gloves, catalogs, photos, video, descriptions… Lots of marketing work necessary to present the items at a professional level.


Despite all this, Alexander continued to come up with more and more jewellery pieces without thinking about how it would be possible to sell them. He wanted to create, not sell. 

Later on, Puzzle Collection and the DNA Collection were created. And when Goretskiy Jewellery had already an extensive range of products, we started to think about promoting them.


'We held the first presentation of our products in Hong Kong in September 2018 at the World Jewellery Show. It was like an exam, we were very excited to see the reaction of consumers and colleagues to our items"


In the end, the first exhibition turned out to be a great success. People always crowded around the stand with the jewellery pieces, everyone was talking about their uniqueness, style and conceptuality. That’s when we started being noticed by the press. 

This exposition gave us confidence and enthusiasm to continue working on our collections.


The way of ‘Goretskiy Jewellery’ company wasn’t easy. We faced many difficulties, for example, such as:

  • Inability to provide the orders due to insufficient  production capacity
  • Unsuccessful experience of selling through Amazon and Instagram

Over time, we finally solved the first problem implementing new technologies, and we are hoping to deal with the second one in the nearest future


In the next three years, we are planning to implement our main idea - launching a chain of stores “One Million Only”. It is meant to be a store selling investment Diamond Gift Cards and Goretskiy Jewellery pieces. 


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